A downloadable game for Windows

This game was made in 48 hours as a part of the Extra Credits Game Jam

The game jam's theme was awesome per second, and lil' old me can't help but love games where movement is constant, quick, and important, as a result of that, Chase was created.

Chase is a short (and pretty difficult) autoscroller platformer, features:

-art that looks like it was made by a four year old (at best)

- 3 enemies

- a main character

-lava (i think)



even though it is not my first game, it IS the first game that i release online, so please if you can, give any kind of feedback, any kind of constructive criticism would be much appreciated and welcomed! also, be sure to tell me about any bugs that i and my friend might've missed playtesting, thank you in advance!


Chase.exe 3 MB

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